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Police Stopped A Smuggler But What They Found Was Extremely Shocking!

The man was found carrying these crates.

He was found in the South East Asian Country of Laos just when he was trying to cross the Malaysian border. The man was detained without wasting time.


The bags inside crates were “moving”!


The bags were housing dozens of pangolins. Actually 81!


Pangolins are a rare sight and are native to Africa and Asia.


81 Pangolins had a very hard time.

They were packed in very small spaces and were left in the similar painful condition for weeks. A pangolin even died before the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand came up for help.


They were supposed to be smuggled to the black market in China via Thailand.

Their scales and meat bear an expensive price in some parts of China.


Endangered species!

Pangolins are of no harm to anyone as they eat insects and ants. Also, they are easily stressed and can die due to anxiety. –


80% of Sunda Pangolins are killed in last two decades.


Luckily, these 81 were saved before getting murdered.


Only 48 of those were able to survive after treatment.

They were sent to National parks immediately after the treatment to secure their future. Hope this inhumanity stops someday. – See more at:


credit: Wildlife Rescue Centre