Scorned Divorcee Builds 4-Foot Wide House To Get Revenge On Greedy Ex-Husband

The story everyone talks about is one of a couple who got divorced decades ago.

According to OregonLive, the husband won the house in the divorce proceedings and gave the small slice of front yard to his ex-wife.

To get her ultimate revenge, she squeezed the pie-shaped home into the lot… and it’s been there ever since.

In effect, the outcome of this bitter divorce is an incredibly tiny yet beautiful two-bedroom, home that measures just 16 feet at its widest and 4½ feet at its narrowest. It’s currently listed on Zillow for $519,900 as it’s so unique and impressive!


Clay Wallace, fell in love with the tiny home when he saw it on the market and he even bought the Seattle Spite House without knowing the story behind it.

I bet he was pretty shocked when he found out all the history that tiny home actually holds. Even though the house has since had a lot of work done and had several renovations, he says he’s proud the home has maintained its original style and grace.

You can see what the house looks like for yourself on the next page – there’s a clip with a virtual tour!

Take a tour of the Seattle Spite House below – you have to see how incredible this tiny house is – I just know you will love it!

I hope you get a good look around! Have you ever heard any other stories about the Seattle Spite House? If you have, let us know and leave your comments in the box below! Enjoy!

Click below to watch the clip you’ve been waiting for: