When He Puts A Queen Bee In A Box, You’ll Have No Idea What’s About To Happen… This Is Totally Insane!


If you fear bees, this is going to give you jitters.

Here are two guys who specialize in doing what is insane. Rhett and Link are two YouTube personalities who are going to pull off the one thing that’ll have you gasping.

Rhett and Link visit a famous beekeeper, Bill, and Link is about to grow a bee beard on this farm. They get a queen bee into a box and strap the box around Link’s neck. To maximize the effect, they also put some plastics with queen scent on his face. What happens next will get you sweating.

Imagine 10,000 bears on one man’s face. Well, it happened. Beekeepers agree that sometimes, getting stung by the bees in the course of their work is actually a normalcy, and therefore it’s understandable that Link couldn’t escape from the “animal beard” without some red patches on his face. Of course he got some stings.

Some people, people like Link, are really brave. We have to give this guy some thumps-up. Personally, I would to ask for a lot cash in compensation for getting this brave!