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The Camera Catches An Officer Doing THIS To Grandma, And Now It’s Going Viral…

Washington State Trooper Dave Hintz has served for 24 years on state patrol, but for all his experience he’s never seen something quite like this before.

An 80-year-old woman was driving down a busy highway in her motor scooter. After receiving several calls from worried drivers, the police finally got involved. While it may, at first, appear to be a slow speed chase, it turns out that this police officer truly knows what it means to “protect and serve.”

Over the next 70 minutes he used his cruiser to make sure that her slow moving cart remained safe from traffic. Acting as an escort for the 6 mile-per-hour vehicle, Hintz ensured that the lost woman remained safe and sound on her journey back home.

This incredible video shows how amazing our boys in blue truly are, the brave men and women of law enforcement put their lives at risk every day for our safety, and when the news these days is so filled with disturbing stories, we’re glad to see that a tale like this is getting its moment in the sun!

Luckily, the 80-year-old woman made it back home safely. Thanks to the help from this kind cop, we’re glad that he had the patience to make sure everyone made it home!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFAXa1Iv36I]source