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The Meaning Behind A Red String Tattoo On The Finger Is Truly Beautiful

Tattooing is an ancient tradition, but it’s become especially popular over the last 20 years or so. While they were once shunned by most of modern society as being crass or uncouth, they’ve gained a much more widespread acceptance worldwide. Today, people have tattoos on just about every conceivable part of their body. Tattoos often carry a deeply personal significance to the individual wearing them.

One of the latest trends in tattooing is getting a little red string around your pinky finger. According to Chinese legend, every person is born with an invisible red string around their finger that connects them to their one true love (not sure how it’s red and invisible simultaneously but whatevs). This string binds you to that special someone regardless of time, distance or circumstances. The magical string might stretch or tangle, but it is an unbreakable bond. A lot of people are getting inspired by this legend and getting matching red string tattoos with their significant other, while others just get it with close friends or family to symbolize an unbreakable, non-romantic bond.