They Live In A ‘Hobbit Home.’ Look Inside, This Place Is Insanely Cool

Simon Dale always loved the great outdoors. However, it wasn’t until he began reading Lloyd Kahn’s “Shelter,” a book depicting indigenous shelters and their contemporary counterparts, that he decided to seek a more “low-impact” lifestyle for himself and his family. Therefore, he endeavored to carve his now-famous “Hobbit Home” into a hillside, ultimately creating a domestic masterpiece so stunningly gorgeous, you’d think it was something out of a dream.
Simon enjoys the practicality of living off the land, but he also revels in the creativity that building an abode from scratch – straight into the earth – provides. The best part? Simon writes on his website that he fully believes that anyone with a little bit of money and the resolve to work hard could reap the benefits of this natural lifestyle. Here at SF Globe, we’re truly in awe over his home. Not only does it look like something mythical out of a Tolkien novel, but it also represents an eco-friendly way of living that takes much better care of our planet. Hats off to Simon Dale for creating such an amazing woodland homestead for his family.