This Landlord Just Gave His Tenants The Sweetest Christmas Present Ever

It’s no secret that there’s quite a lot of shit going on in the world recently, but to quote Oasis, “stop crying your heart out.” We’ve all just got to knuckle down and get on with life. However, it’s all well and good saying this, doing it is a totally different kettle of fish. Trying to have a positive mentality like this is made an awful lot easier by people like Jack.

Jack is a landlord, and not one of those crappy landlords who let you live in squalor in a house full of mould where the door frames are crumbling. The latter actually happened to me at uni, it was a nightmare to say the least. My friend even developed an allergy to fungus because of it and now can’t eat mushrooms. Sure it’s pretty funny, but it’s also an absolute disgrace. This guy on the other hand is a complete and utter legend. He is setting an example for landlords worldwide. How? Take a look for yourself.


Yes this landlord decided to hand write a letter to his tenants and spread a little bit of Christmas cheer. What a hero. By the looks of things his surname definitely isn’t Frost. Sorry that joke was totally cheesy but it had to be done.

He signs off his letter, which is possible the best Christmas present ever, with: “Merry Christmas.” Merry Christmas indeed Jack, we could do with a few more people like you out there. I’ll be sure to raise a Brussels sprout to you this festive season.