This Lady’s Face Undergoes Disturbing Transformation for Reason That Has Women Alarmed

From dieting to make-up to surgery, people can go to extreme lengths to make themselves feel beautiful.

Many wouldn’t consider dyeing their hair to be extreme. In fact, a 2008 studyfound that 75% of American women do it. But now a series of images circulatingthrough the media appear to show that even this common beauty treatment is not without its dangers.

On Monday, Imgur user “thechosenginger” posted this image along with the title “So, my friend had a pretty ridiculous allergic reaction to hair dye…”:


As the images show, her friend’s skin appears to have had such a strong reaction to the hair dye that the woman is essentially unrecognizable. The reaction even reportedly prompted a trip to the emergency room.

Though it’s often difficult to corroborate relatively anonymous, internet-based claims, there are other confirmed cases of hair dye causing inflammation, reddening, and swelling of the face and scalp.

The symptoms are often due to a commonly used chemical known as para-phenylenediamine (PPD).

The allergic reaction to PPD could potentially be fatal. Authorities suspect the chemical caused the death of a 17-year-old British girl who collapsed minutes after dyeing her hair.

Thankfully, this woman seems to have experienced nothing more than some temporary unsightly swelling. Here is an image a few days after the reaction:2

Since so many women (and men) dye their hair, perhaps they are unaware of the risk. Fortunately, new campaigns to raise awareness seem to be educating some people of the potential harm, and in some countries the chemical has been regulated.