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This Woman Reacted to Her Husband Cheating On Her By Sending Him a Box of Poop


A scorned wife took creative measures to get back at her cheating husband and his 20-year-old lover. The wife, Amanda Chatel, says that after the betrayal she wanted nothing more than to give the pair exactly what they deserved. For Chatel that gift came in the form of a steaming mound of horse poop. The enraged wife says that the whole ordeal was bad enough on its own, but when she received a poem from her husband’s young girlfriend, just two-years older than their daughter, she lost it. The woman says she immediately sent some strongly worded emails to her husband and his lover before searching Google for a way to send “big chunks of sh**” to his doorstep. Fortunately for the woman there was a company, Sh**Express, that provided the exact services she was looking for that dreadful day.

The Daily Mail reports that one jilted wife found a unique way to seek retribution for her husband’s wrongdoing. The 35-year-old freelance writer from New York, says that her 48-year-old French musician husband was cheating on her with a 20-year-old girl. To add insult to injury, once Amanda found out about the affair she claims that the young mistress sent her a poem to honor the occasion. The poem painted Amanda as a horrible woman that was crushing her husband’s soul while calling herself a “little girl” who wanted to save him.

“In her broken English, she scripted several stanzas depicting me, the horrible woman who was crushing her husband’s soul, and she, the ‘little girl’ who was in love with him and wanted to save him. For all the gibberish it contained (and there was A LOT), I was at least grateful to see that she could recognize that she’s just a “little girl,” which, to be honest, makes it even creepier.”

After receiving the poem, Amanda had decided that she couldn’t take it any longer. She took to the internet in a rage to find a way to send a pile of crap to her affair-seeking husband and his young lover. What she found was Sh**Express. For the scorned wife, it was everything she could have hoped for in a piece of revenge mail. The company says plainly what they can offer clients and that is to send a piece of horse poop in the mail to someone.


In a blog post written about the ordeal titled “I Sent My Cheating Husband An ACTUAL Pile Of Horse SH** In The Mail“, Amanda notes that she wishes she could say she hesitated when she went to click the order button. However, she says she didn’t and doesn’t regret paying the $16.95 to have the crap sent to the happy new “soulmates.”

“As I stared at the website with a maniacal grin of The Joker across my face, I wish I could say I paused for just the briefest of seconds before placing my order, but I didn’t. In my mind, horse sh** pales in comparison to what these two clowns had done, so screw it.”

Amanda says she even opted to have a message delivered to her inbox letting her know when the poo was delivered. Though she has not had the satisfaction of receiving that message yet, she says that she only hopes the two are confused and maybe try to taste the contents before realizing their mistake. Though she says that it may have been a little bit immature to send the poo in the mail, she says she really doesn’t care.

“Was I immature to do such a thing? Probably. Did they deserve it? Absolutely. While, yes, my husband deserves it most, any woman who basks in the glory of not just sleeping with a married man declaring him her soulmate, THEN sending her husband’s wife a poem in which she’s some sort of innocent victim of love — will certainly find herself on my (literal) sh** list.”