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Soldier was Feeding her Infant When Thugs Broke In. She Returned Fire.

Meet Semantha Bunce, a 21-year-old mother and combat medic in the National Guard who recently had a bit of a scare – some home intruders kicked her front door in.

Instead of losing her cool, her training kicked in and she responded in kind. As soon as she heard the door crash in, she immediately ensured her child was safe inside of their room upstairs before grabbing her gun.

The intruders finally made their way to her room, and were met with a gun pointing right at them, and as they ran they ended up firing at her, so she responded in kind. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to make it out unscathed, taking two hits before crawling back upstairs to check on her son. Realizing he was alright, she finally dialed 911 and started dressing her own wounds.

She’s alright, and she’ll live, but she does have to have another surgery before she’ll make a full recovery. If it wasn’t for her training with the military, she may not be around today. Her son may not have been around today if not for her clear and quick thinking, and that’s what makes this woman one hell of a badass.