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Woman Threatens To Abort Baby If She Can’t Raise $100k on GoFundMe

This woman takes being f*cked up to another level… She took to the online fundraiser site GoFundMe to raise money to not abort her baby.

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What up? I’m Jamie. I am a 23-year-old who ‘s 22-weeks pregnant. I hooked-up with a  Mexican in Cabo this summer. I was w8sted  and didn’t get his number.  So no baby daddy. My parents are dead, so they can’t take it.

I was planning to abort this thing.

But if you internet people give me $100,000 I won’t.

Personally I don’t care if this baby dies. It’ll just be born a half-breed anyway. Nobody likes those. People will just pick on it.

BUT… I think  plenty of people (especially you Christian weirdoes) will pay me to stop this.

You know the fetus feels a lot of pain when it’s getting sucked out, right? It screams. I seen videos on Youtube. It’s going to be awful for the baby.

I’ll use all the money to buy diapers and clothes and baby milk and all the shit babies might need. 

I’ll name it after whoever donates the most amount of money. I’ll even give it your last name.

But I also want to use some of the money after the baby is born to take it to Disney Word. I also need some money for a car to drive it to Disney world. I’m thinking a Chevy Camaro.

So you want the blood of a dead baby on your hands or do you want to save a baby’s life?

Time is ticking.

Don’t be a selfish asshole.

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Her GoFundMe page has already been terminated:

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The world is full of messed up people…