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When This Couple Stepped Out For Their First Dance, NO ONE Expected To See THIS!

weddingKaroline and Wojtek seemed like any other bride and groom getting ready for their first dance, but these newlyweds had a little something extra up their sleeves to share with their family and friends! Dancing to Benny Goodman’s song “Sing, Sing, Sing,” this couple decided to show the audience what they had been practicing for the last nine months.

As the bride and groom entered the dance floor, no one expected them to come together for one of the best first dance performances ever. This couple really took their pre-wedding dance lessons to the next level by learning a swing-dance number. After watching these two perform together, you will think these newlyweds have been dancing their whole lives. This kind of video makes me happy to see a young couple like them pick up a new hobby together, and do so well at it, too!

She says, “We were just an ordinary couple with no dancing experience who wanted to give ‘something’ to our guests in appreciation for their presence in this milestone.” Even if this dance was just for the wedding, let’s hope this couple keeps on dancing, because they were just wonderful!

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