Midwest Sperm Bank, LLC, just outside Chicago screwed up royally with a just married lesbian couple from Ohio! Jennifer Cramblett, 36, and her new partner, 29-year-old Amanda Zinkon had just been wed and were so happy that they contacted Midwest Sperm Bank, LLC to ask to have sperm reserved so they could have a baby. This sperm bank really messed up badly! The lesbian couple are both white, and they figured that they would therefore have a white baby. They got a BIG surprise!

The couple had chosen to be impregnated by “Donor #380,” a white man, but instead were made to conceive with the “Donor #330,” a black man an employee at the clinic had to tell them not long after they had become pregnant with their baby! The excitement they had about being married and also getting pregnant quickly changed to anger and upset that their child would be African-American, rather than an white baby, the same as this couple happens to be!

They have filed a lawsuit. Of course, they are raising their baby no matter what color it happens to be! Cramblett, the half of the couple who carried their now 2-year-old daughter, Payton, says that they are happy to have the child they always wanted, but that the sperm bank screwed up out of pure negligence! The lawsuit will be heard in court and there is a very large chance that this lesbian couple will be compensated for the sperm bank’s mistake that can’t be taken back!