Young Girl Tragically Dies After Saving Her Friend’s Life

Those who knew Rebecca Townsend described her as “passionate” and “selfless.”

She had hopes and dreams for the future like any other 17 year old, some of which reflected her altruistic spirit.

As a high school sophomore, Rebecca was tasked with making a list of three things she wanted to accomplish, a bucket list if you will.

She and her classmates would then put the letter away and read it at graduation. Rebecca’s list contained some things that might be expected. “Kiss in the rain” and “Fly to Spain” were the first two items.a

The last? “Save a life (not really scary though)”. Little did she know that she would accomplish all three of these goals within a few short years. The last goal would prove to be life changing for everyone who knew Rebecca.


The goal of kissing in the rain was met with the help of her boyfriend. Rebecca’s parents took her on a trip to Spain, checking goal number two off of her list.


Graduation came and went in June and Rebecca took out that assignment to read over what she had written for herself just a few short years prior. Goal number three was not something that could be easily planned, but it was fulfilled on July 2, 2015.


Rebecca and her friend, Benjamin Arne, were visiting Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, CT to watch a fireworks display. Just after 9 p.m., the pair was crossing a street near a campus entrance when a car drove directly toward them. Acting immediately and selflessly, Rebecca pushed Benjamin out of the car’s path. In the process of unintentionally reaching the goal of saving a life, she lost her own.

One can only imagine that Rebecca had no fear, as she hoped for when writing her assignment, as she bravely traded places with her friend. Her family discovered her list of goals on her bed shortly after her death. The Facebook page, “Remembering Rebecca”, was created to keep her self-sacrificing spirit alive through the deeds of others.

Rebecca’s story inspires people every day and her friends and family say her death was representative of the way she lived — selfless and passionate, according to Lift Bump.

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