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64 Thoughts Everyone Has At Family Reunions

Szapucki (CC BY 2.0) / Via Flickr: chelsea_nj

1. Maybe this year it won’t be complete—
2. —OK, everyone is yelling.
3. Where did all these children come from?
4. Everyone’s wearing matching shirts.
5. Maybe I can avoid wearing one this year.
6. Of course. There’s one with my name on it.
7. …yay.
8. I’ll try and have fun this year.
9. Maybe.
10. Wow, there’s SO much food.

regan76 (CC BY 2.0) / Via Flickr: j_regan

11. My fave activity? Eating.
12. Oh man, Gramps makes the best pie.
13. What if I ate nothing but pie?
14. That might be possible.
15. I’m taking this entire pie.
16. Where to sit? Where to sit?
17. This is like high school again.
18. Yaaass. The awesome aunt is here (and still awesome).
19. She’s what I wanna be when I grow up.
20. Do I need to grow up yet?
21. I should eat something other than pie.
22. Maaaaaaaaybe later.

23. All right, time to make the rounds.
24. Wow, when did they get a pool?
25. Who birthed all of these children?!
27. Of course that cousin has another new girlfriend.
28. None of my uncles have hair.
29. My sister better not have left. I will not go through this alone!
30. Who is that guy?
31. How far does an apple have to fall to be from a different tree?
32. I’m glad there’s not a sack race.
33. How is that dog still alive?
34. I’d throw a stick, but that just seems cruel.
35. Stay. You adorably old dog you… stay.
36. …oh man, CORNHOLE!

Shutterstock / Via Paul Rich Studio

38. Victory will be mine.
39. If there’s anyone who can throw a beanbag through a hole, it’s me.
40. ………………that was the wind’s fault.
41. ………………that’s a lucky shot, kid.
42. ………………THIS WIND!
43. ………………this game is rigged, and I quit!
44. I can’t believe someone named a child “Karlsey.”
45. Wait. She’s pregnant, too?
46. Could my mom laugh any louder?
47. Ugh, she and Dad are getting older.
48. What if they live to be a hundred?
49. In case they’re immortal, should I start building them a guest cottage?
50. …I have been in the sun for too long.

51. Grandma is counting my pie intake.
52. And she’s counting the many relationships I’ve been in.
53. Grandma needs more hobbies.
54. Everyone here is so bizarre… except me.
55. But I am technically in this family.
57. There’s no way we’re all going to fit.
58. Gramps, look at the camera!
59. My face hurts from all this smiling.
60. …and we’re done!
61. Aww, this is kinda sweet.
62. Wait, why am I crying?
63. Ahhhhhhhhhh! When will I see these people again?


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