After Seeing This, I’ll Never Peel Potatoes The Same Way. What An Easy Method

For many families, the potato is a staple in their diet. They’re relatively inexpensive, and can be prepared in a number of ways. It’s easy to pair them with nearly anything, which makes them acceptable as part of breakfast, lunch, or dinner. One of my only reservations about the potato is the time it takes to peel one, in preparation for a dish like mashed potatoes. According to the Diner’s Journal via The New York Times, the main reason for peeling potatoes (among other vegetables) is because so much of our produce is grown with pesticides. So, peeling the skin is a safety protocol. This may become a thing of the past, as organic farming is on the rise.

Let’s say you’re preparing mashed potatoes for a Thanksgiving feast with the whole family – immediate and extended. That’s a lot of potatoes to peel! Typically, you’ll use a peeler and attack each potato one by one, which requires your close attention and a great deal of time. What if there was an easier way to peel potatoes, one that would save you time and a potentially nasty cut? Thanks to DaveHax, we have an answer. Check out his video below to watch his technique, and let us know if you’ll give it a shot! It’s not an ideal technique for all recipes, but it could certainly come in handy.