Just When You Thought You’d Seen Everything, Women Are Dyeing Their Armpit Hair

So recently we bought you the story about a new intriguing trend among feminists. Apparently it seems that ladies are reclaiming their armpit hair and deciding to grow it out. With lady razors being made redundant all over the world, this trend has taken another colourful twist recently.

Destiny Moreno, a 17-year-old from Seattle, has gone viral with her brilliant video proudly showing off her dyed armpit hair. After deciding to stop shaving her armpits a few months ago, Destiny received a lot of negative comments. In response, she decided to take her armpit game up a level. The video has had more than 264,000 views on YouTube, and has reignited the debate about why women’s armpit hair is so taboo.a

Speaking about her video, Destiny was far from coy when quizzed about her choice of style.

“Nobody questions when a guy wearing a tank top does a selfie that shows his armpit hair,” she said. “But if I happen to show my armpit hair in a selfie, it’s like, ‘Whoa, feminist witch asking for attention.’ ”


Thanks to Destiny’s eye-catching video, dyed female armpit hair has been thrust right into the public eye, with hundreds of photos popping up showing off the weird and wonderful colours some ladies have chosen. On Instagram, more than 700 photos of women (and a handful of men) have been posted with the hashtag #dyedpits.

An act of defiance; there is even a website called ‘Free Your Pits’, an organisation championing the growing and dyeing of female armpit hair. Seen as an expression of femininity, these women are challenging society’s preconceptions of beauty.c

Whether women are doing it to look cool or make a political statement, this new craze is flying in the face of public beauty standards. While it’s not the norm to see women with colourful bushes under their arms, as a man I can appreciate their case.