Doctors Said That She’d Never Speak Again. I Can’t Believe She Sounds Like THIS Today!

She was born with a birth defect called Left Craniosynostosis. After receiving surgery at the age of just six months, doctors told her parents she would probably never be able to talk.

Amber Simone Chinn is now 19 years old and lives in Buffalo, New York. During the past 20 years, Amber is already grateful that she was able to start breathing on her own so she could avoid a tracheotomy.

At a recent graduation party, Amber was singing by the pool when someone recorded her and uploaded it on the internet. The view now has over 2 million views. When one of her producers, Damon “Dame Digital” Powell had this to say about Amber,

“This is a talent and given her back story, about her health condition, if that’s not god telling you to let the world hear you, what else is.”