Following NYC Flag-Burning Event, Veteran Remained For INCREDIBLE Reason

When many gathered in New York City to burn the American flag and the symbol of freedom which an increasing number of Americans have come to take for-granted, there was one person in the background silently waiting for the event to end.

A U.S. Army veteran by the name of Mark Brummitt who served 13 years in the Army, vowed the he would not leave until the smoke had cleared, and to ensure that there was an American flag still left standing.


“I will stay here until this is all over,” he said. “All throughout history flags have represented the battlefield. And it was around the flag that everybody came together. At the end of the battle, there was one flag left standing.”

“At the end of the night, the American flag is still going to be standing.”

“And tonight, they’re planning on burning a lot of flags. They said, ‘We’re burning one big one and bring your own.’ But, this is a battle that is already won. And at the end of the night, the American flag is still going to be standing,” Brummitt added, promising to fly the flag proudly at the site where many flags were desecrated. 


Although Brummitt believes everyone has the right to demonstrate their free speech, he feels that burning the flag does not contribute to a positive dialogue within our country.

“Everybody has a right to protest. Everybody has a right to express their opinions. Some opinions, I believe are valid. Some opinions, I believe need a lot of dialogue,” Brummitt told TheBlaze. “With that being said, burning the flag doesn’t represent the change that they’re looking for.”

“Protest, by all means. Demonstrate, by all means. Have constructive dialogue. But, the flag represents a lot more than just simply our history as a country,” he said. “It represents every man, woman and child who have served our country.”

My hat is off to this guy! It’s great that despite the few misguided idiots out there, there are still many in this country willing to step up and do the right thing.