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How To Survive A Workplace Shooting When You Don’t Have A Gun

With everything in the news lately paranoia is growing, and it’s understandable.

That’s why Inside Edition have released a useful video with five tips that prepare you for worse case scenario.

God forbid a terror attack ever struck during your working day, this video could help you and your colleagues survive.

It’s sad that these sorts of videos are going viral, but it always better to be safe than sorry.

At the end of the day, this could save you life.

It’s a harsh reality to have to deal with, but if we want to end these terror strikes we need to be more clever than they are.

Bill shows you how to look for exits, find places to hide, and how to use whatever you can to stop the attacker getting to you.

Bill even shows you how you can use something as simple as a belt to barricade and block the door from opening by tightening it around the door hinge. “They’re not gonna get through, because it’s not gonna open,” Bill says.