In-N-Out Burger Has A Hidden Message on Every Cup — Just Look Underneath It

Take a look at the bottom of an In-N-Out Burger cup or hamburger sleeve.
The Christian-based company, that Nation’s Restaurant News recently ranked as the number one “limited-service” restaurant in America, has been printing bible verses on their merchandize since the 1980s.

The verses range from Proverbs to John to Revelation.
According to Snopes, the soda cup is inscribed with John 3:16.

The hamburger and cheeseburger sleeves read Revelation 3:20.
The milkshake cup is labeled with Proverbs 3:5.

The french fry holder is represented by Proverbs 24:16.

According to Christian Post, In-N-Out Burger started printing bible verses on cups and sleeves under Rich Snyder, the president of the company at the time, as way of putting more emphasis on the company’s Christian beliefs.
What a subtle, yet powerful statement from one of the most famous restaurants around.