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Mom Notices Something In Her Baby’s Smile… When The Doctors See It, He’s STUNNED.

Baby Paisley

Baby Paisley was a gorgeous and happy baby, but her mother Carissa began to notice something wrong with her face -the left side slowly began to sag, and her eye couldn’t fully close. “We noticed her eye — when she would cry, her eye would not shut all the way,” Carissa said. “It would stay open, and when she started to smile, the same side of her mouth would not move.”


The News

After taking her to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Carissa was told her daughter wouldn’t live a very long life due to the malignant tumor found in her brain.


But Suddenly…

But after another biopsy a few weeks later, a true MIRACLE happened. “As soon as he [the doctor] came in, he sat down, he was just shaking his head,” Carissa said. “He said, ‘Your prayers must have worked, because when I went in to get that biopsy,’ he said, ‘nothing was there.’”


Good News

The tumor suddenly vanished, leaving doctors baffled. “Doctors at Children’s had expected the worst — a malignant tumor. But when surgeons reached the spot where the suspected tumor was visible on the scan, they found nothing. They couldn’t have been happier to tell the good news to the Hatfield family.”