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Orphaned Baby Rhino Thinks A Car Is Its New Mom and It’ll Break Your Heart!

You are going to need a box of tissues for this story…

In Kruger National Park in South Africa, an orphaned animal sidled up to a tourist’s vehicle on the roadside. Donnie, the baby rhino was spotted cuddling up to a grey SUV, mistaking the vehicle for his new mom. He became orphaned after poachersbrutally killed his mother.

Baby animals are known to attach themselves to other animals, humans or objects as replacement mothers to survive. The calf is believed to be between a month and two months old and is named after one of the park’s rangers according to the wildlife center.a

According to a witness’s Facebook post, the orphaned rhino made his way to a tourist road. Because rhinos are known to have poor eyesight, it makes sense that Donnie mistakenly presumed the similar-colored car was another rhino. He then began to rub his body against the side of it, probably just wanting a hug!


cLet this story bring awareness to the tragedy poaching and trophy killings. All babies need love!