The Iconic Playboy Mansion Is Up for Sale, But With One Very Weird Catch


Ever since I was old enough to understand that women were pretty damn amazing creatures, Playboy and the Playboy Mansion has been an aspirational goal. What young man doesn’t want to own an amazing house filled with stunning models wandering around in lingerie and bikinis?

Well it turns out that my dream may be a small step closer to becoming a reality. It’s official ya’ll, the Playboy Mansion is up for sale, but with one tiny (and slightly weird) catch.

Just to give you an idea of what you’ll be purchasing, here are some of the mansion’s key features.

The mansion has 22 rooms including a wine cellar (with a Prohibition-era secret door), a screening room with built-in pipe organ, a game room, three zoo/aviary buildings (and related pet cemetery), a tennis/basketball court, a waterfall and a swimming pool area (including a patio and barbecue area, a grotto, a basement gym with sauna below the bathhouse).

Basically it’s pretty kitted out.

Playboy Enterprises apparently believes the six-acre Holmby Hills estate is worth about $200 million dollars. However, according to TMZ’s “real estate sources”, the property is in a tear-down condition and that it’s actually worth something between $80-90 million, because of its history alone.