He Found How To Help His Wife And Autistic Son At The Same Time. This Got To Me

Rising Tide Car Wash in Parkland, Florida may look like any other car wash on the outside, but they have something special that really makes them stand out. It all started with owner and co-founder John D’Eri. Back in October of 201l, he started a car wash along with his son, Tom. The idea behind their business was inspired by John’s younger son, Andrew, who is autistic. They wanted to give opportunities to people with autism that they might not otherwise have.

Once people with autism age out of the school system, they tend to “fall of the cliff,” meaning they run into issues finding meaningful activities and/or occupations. D’Eri’s company’s mission is to “inspire communities to change their perception of how capable people with autism are through providing a top-notch car wash experience.” They educate and train autistic individuals to work at the car wash and “hope to provide people with autism an opportunity they rarely receive, a chance to build a career and an independent life.”

The company is still going strong, and with a dedicated workforce they should be able to continue for years to come. This is a wonderful business with inspirational people, and it would be amazing if other institutions were able to follow in their wake.