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Woman Spots A Man Walking With Several Children That Aren’t His. That’s When She Pulls Over…

As Memphis, Tennessee resident Tabitha Tudy Jones was driving home from the Post Office on September 28, she witnessed a captivating sight.

Walking along the road was a man holding hands with several children.

Coming from the Post Office on Whitney & Baskin I saw this teacher walking his students home…(more students lagging behind)Wooooow!Big UPS 󾮗🏿to this teacher!Just found out his name is Mr Schneider!

Posted by Tabitha Tudy Jones on Monday, September 28, 2015

That man was Carl Schneider and the children with whom he was holding hands were his students.

According to WAFF, Schneider, a special education teacher at Whitney Achievement, is part of a group of teachers that walk around 200 students home from school each day. Many of the students live in apartment complexes some distance from the school, and the teachers want to ensure that the students get home safely.

“When we started to launch the school, we recognized that there was a need in the community for children to be able to get home safely,” explains Whitney Achievement Principal, Debra Broughton.

Even more, walking the students home allows them to spend extra time with their charges.

Posted by Whitney Achievement Elementary School on Thursday, October 1, 2015

By spending extra time with the children, the teachers are able to forge strong relationships with their students, relationships that they might not otherwise have. Schneider tells WAFF:

“We can just get to know the kids and talk about what they did over the weekend or how their behavior was at school that day or what they learned.”
Schneider believes that walking the children home helps demonstrates how invested the teachers are in the student’s lives and how much they care.

Posted by Whitney Achievement Elementary School on Thursday, October 1, 2015

But he doesn’t think what he’s doing it out of the ordinary; in fact, he views it as “just part of his daily routine,” and a part he gets especially excited about. Jones, however, disagrees.

“I didn’t think this was part of the job description,” she says. “But it’s so sweet that he goes above and beyond for the children.”