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92 Year Old Granny Arrested For Assaulting Kids Who Came To Her Door Halloween Night

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News 8 –  Tilly Greene, a 92-year-old great grandma from New Orleans, Louisiana, is now under arrest after she assaulted several children under the age of 7 on Halloween night. According to reports, Greene was babysitting her 10 great-grandchildren and was unable to take them trick-or-treating due to her debilitating health conditions. However, according to the oldest of her great-grandchildren, Granny Tilly promised them “a sh*t load of candy.”

Tilly Greene denies any wrongdoing, however her great-grandchildren tell a different story. According to the police report obtained by Now8News, the great-grandchildren admit that their Granny Tilly was up to no good. This is just part of the transcript obtained: “She told us she was going to get us a sh*t load of candy. We was so happy! Cause we was let down that we didn’t get no costumes or candy or nothing.”…. ” I saw Granny open the door yelling ‘lil n*gga get down before I put you down’ and then she started swinging a belt. Then she slammed the door and had a big pillowcase full of candy in her hand. She said it was ours.”…. “I seen Granny go on the porch and kick this little boy in the back of his knee. He fell down the stairs and she snatched the candy bag from his hand. I kinda felt bad for him but there was a lot of Snickers in there.”…. “What Granny did was bad, but she kept her promise. She gotted us a sh*t load of candy.”

Parents at the scene immediately called 911 to report Tilly Greene to authorities. Between the statements of eyewitnesses, and statements from the great-grandchildren, Greene was taken into custody and booked on several charges. Parents say they plan on pressing charges against the 92-year-old great grandma for injuries that their children sustained. In all, 11 children were hurt at the hands of Tilly Greene and sent to the hospital for examination. All 11 children were released within a couple of hours. Police urge parents when trick-or-treating, to walk your child to the door, not wait on the sidewalk or in the street.