An Old Lady Abandoned This Cottage 10 Years Ago. What She Left Inside? Bone-Chilling!

We’ve seen many fascinating tales of abandoned homes, but this one definitely stands out to me. This eerie video shows a cottage left untouched since its owners left it more than a decade ago.

Known as the Crooked Cottage, this rural Hertfordshire home in the UK still has a made-up double bed. The foundations of the house appear to have eroded, hence its name the Crooked Cottage.

So, here’s what we know about the mysterious Crooked Cottage…

It’s said to have been lived in by an old woman and her father until he died in 1971. Supposedly, the daughter remained there until 2003, when she was taken into care.

Photographer and urban explorer Toby Batchelor, who discovered the inside of the house, found a calendar dating back to 1956. He also found a slew of leftover items, including an old-fashioned bicycle, jars of pickled fruits and lots of trinkets and family photos that tell an intricate story. Also inside the home was the book, “The Uninvited,” by Dorothea Fairbridge, which was written in 1926.

“The building itself was so tiny, like something out of a film,” Tony said. “It had only one upstairs room and the whole building had began to be reclaimed by the elements. Locations like these don’t come up regularly and this one was kept secret for a long time.”